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I`m Michael, and thank you for taking time out to visit my blog.

I could read before I started school. Courtesy of the Book Fairy, I just turned up and understood what I was (supposedly) being taught. This instilled in me a love of good literature which has lasted my entire life. It really does not matter what genre a book is; as long as I enjoy what`s between the covers I`m a happy bunny. This is not a seriously academic blog on literature, but merely one which allows me to share my deep interest in the written word. Because of my endless interest in what makes humanity tick, I studied sociology at the University of Surrey for my crimes in a past life, and now live very near Old Father Thames, in the beautiful Thames Valley. I hope you find as much enjoyment from my blog as I have writing it.

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    • I`m afraid that I have a wide range of interests! It would take up too much of my time if I devoted a blog to each of them. Thanks for your comments; I simply write for myself and hope that some one might be interested.


  1. Hi Marlovian,
    Thanks for the great website. I was wondering if I could use one of your images. Could you email me about this?
    Thanks a lot,


    • Hello Sheila,
      Thank you for your interest in my blog, and yes, you can use any images on my website. As far as I`m aware they are all in the public domain and ripe for the plucking.
      Take care,


  2. What a wonderful discovery, your blog is truly filled with information I’d forgotten after I left school (and a lot I didn’t know ). Delightful reading. Thank you.

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  3. A very interesting and eclectic blog. As a fellow Marlovian (my home town, though now I’m at the other end of the county), I shall happily subscribe!


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