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Screenshot_2018-07-08 Niccolo Machiavelli Quote

Machiavelli is a name which thunders down through history at the head of a planet sized herd of rampaging buffalo. He can boast just about the only Renaissance book of it`s kind still in print – and not just hanging in there as an obscure relic – but a perpetual best seller. Every discerning reader has one on their book shelves – even if it is only there for intellectual decoration.
It`s a mine of information about the inner psyche, and how it can be harnessed to create the conditions for self-advancement in the political world. I say political world, not as a specific reference to public office, but for life in general. Life is political; the workplace, the home, recreational pursuits, everything in human interaction is political.
Machiavelli can be used as an instruction manual for every human being who has a pulse, and wishes to make a success of their life – in whatever area they seek to progress in. Behaving as a saint is all well and good if you feel the need to metaphorically walk on water, but life in general is harsh on sainthood except in a specific cultural context. So, to be lean, mean and totally focused on the target before you, is a requirement, otherwise the straight road becomes a convoluted country lane, meandering hither and thither, through brambles and thickets, obscuring the view until you become lost and disorientated.
The success in life is he or she who can maintain focus, intent, determination and an ability to do the necessary; this is what Machiavelli provides in his instruction manual to the nth degree – then some. Its not about openly encouraging murder or any such device, its simply up to the individual to decide what it takes to get the job done, then carrying it out with remorseless and clinical efficiency. This can be done to perfection in all walks of life. This is what Machiavelli provides; a total vindication of the end justifies the means to succeed. I suggest, that if his instruction manual didn`t work, it would have mouldered and withered away centuries ago due to disgruntled customers… And the customer is always deemed right, after all.

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