The vengeance of hell boils in my heart,

Death and despair flame about me!

If Sarastro does not through you feel

The pain of death,

Then you will be my daughter never more.

Disowned may you be forever,

Abandoned may you be forever,

Destroyed be forever

All the bonds of nature,

If not through you

Sarastro becomes pale!

Hear, Gods of Revenge,

Hear a mother`s oath!



Behind every opera composer of epic genius, there is a librettist of equal distinction with words. He is a conjurer of language who wrestles idioms, an engineer who creates a structure from semantics, phonology and syntax; he is the essential ingredient in the sumptuous musical confection known as opera.
The collaborator of Mozart was a certain Emanuel Schikaneder, who lived very close by to Mozart. He was the leader of a travelling musical troupe, and upon a chance meeting with Mozart in Salzburg in 1780 they hit it off big time.
Sadly, Schikaneder has dropped by the wayside when Mozart`s name crops up, but he was essential in providing the frame upon which Mozart hung one of his most spectacular and mysterious works. Check out this man from the shadows of history..He fully deserves your attention.



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