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The Sun has burst the sky

Because I love you

And the river it`s banks.

     The sea laps the great rocks

     Because I love you

     And takes no heed of the Moon dragging it away

     And saying coldly `Constancy is not you`

     The Blackbird fills the air

     Because I love you

     With Spring and lawns and shadows falling on lawns.

          The people walk in the street and laugh

          I love you

          And far down the river ships sound their hooters

          Crazy with joy because I love you.

~~ Jenny Joseph: The Sun Has Burst The Sky ~~


What would it take for someone to look upon the Sun and not think it was God personified? It hangs in the air, a giant lantern of light and heat; the giver of all to this small, crazy planet upon which we cling like desperate limpets. If it belches out a celestial sneeze, we all catch pneumonia and scurry under any available rock or cranny for shelter from it`s wrath.
The Sun governs our moods, from depression and suspicion, to boundless joy, happiness, generosity and well being. Despite the disrespectful attitude of humanity towards Nature, the gift that once kept on giving, this vast orb of fire will see our passing into the bowels of endless time, before itself, begins to die and pass into the void.
It is the Alpha and the Omega.
The giver and the Taker.
It is forever and a day.

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