The Snake Which Fears No Hell

wp-1463941215352.jpgOh, God said to Abraham “Kill me a son”

Abe says “Man, you must be puttin` me on”

God says “No”, Abe say “What?”

God say “You can do what you want Abe but

The next time you see me comin` you better run”

Well Abe said “Where you want this killin` done?”

God say, “Out on Highway 61.”

~~ Bob Dylan, from Highway 61 Revisited ~~


Now, we live in a supposedly modern age of hi-tech invention & usage; but the human brain still functions on the lo-tech intellectual mechanisms of the Stone Age.

Men are particularly affected by this conundrum; what happens when we are confronted by an extremely stressful situation that requires immediate action? The masculine mind will instantly fall back onto it`s default program……Violence.

This can be verbal or physical, but the outcome is always the same: an aggressive stance will be activated by the primitive masculine ego that still lurks deep within the mental programming.

It`s the reptilian part of the masculine brain that kicks into gear when it is confronted by any perceived threat.

The vast majority that believe in God will see that entity as male; although referred to in the Old Testament as He, that may just be a matter of form rather than substance. I have always thought of God as the Great Earth Mother; a compassionate, caring, nurturing woman who is always there to comfort & listen.

However, in the Biblical Apocrypha, a vast array of religious writings, thought, & (as seen by the established Abrahamic religions), heretical beliefs, the first woman was not Eve but another far more interesting individual, Lilith.

Lilith is the very embodiment of the female threat to masculinity; a woman with strength of will, purpose, intelligence & independent of man`s urge to control femininity. Originally found in ancient Sumerian writings such as the Epic of Gilgamesh, Lilith is the storm goddess & bringer of disease, pestilence & death.

She has come to be seen as history`s Uber-Bitch who parked her metaphorical tank on the front lawn of God. This all came about because not only was the Old Testament written by men, but the New Testament as well. The Gospel of Mary Magdalene & sundry other Gospels were put in the bin & suppressed.

Lilith was expelled from Eden because she showed worrying symptoms of independent thought: to be honest, she had bigger balls than Adam. The writers of the religious texts decided to make an example of her by blackening her reputation & casting her into Hell.

Mary Magdalene suffered a similar fate, if not quite descending into darkness, but enjoying redemption (of a sort) by being stigmatized as a fallen woman come good. Lilith didn`t recover, & is now the Queen of Hell; an outcast from the love of God & a warning to all women that have designs on wearing the trousers in a relationship.

I have every sympathy for Lilith: she was the victim of a religious male misogyny that permeates the whole of male intellectual thought. The Viking world allowed anyone equality – if they proved themselves up to the task. Even children were followed & respected if they measured up.

Abrahamic religious strictures have proven a straight jacket for any woman attempting to prove themselves, & have blighted tens of millions of lives in the process.

The lesson for all women is to never be afraid to be yourself; you are at least as good as any man – living or dead. So, whatever you wish for, go out there & do it; no man is superior to you.

Lilith not only talked the talk, but she also walked the walk, by putting up two fingers to men & doing it her way. Women have great power, if only they knew it.


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