On The Birth Of A Son

by Su Tung-Po

Families when a child is born

Hope it will turn out intelligent.

I, through intelligence

Having wrecked my entire life,

Only hope that the baby will prove

Ignorant and stupid.

Then he`ll be happy all his days

And grow into a cabinet minister.

Through long lives of disappointment and experience, there are very few people with respect for the words of politicians. And yet we keep on voting for the same old same old, masquerading as the sentinel for a new, glorious future, where the grass is greener, sweet little animals caper and gambol upon a lush rolling landscape warmed by an everlasting benign sun, and everyone lives happily ever after. Maybe ignorance is indeed bliss; because politicians blithely plow on remorselessly the same well worn promises soon to be altered and broken under the catch-all banner of “altered circumstances” while the electorate quickly slump back into the suppurating miasmic swamp of social media, 24/7 televised sports events, game shows, soap operas and their endless like. Surrounded by so much information, one would think that it would be impossible to be terminally lacking in the intellectual essentials; but it simply depends on how the technology that brings such wonders is used. Bread and Circuses for the plebs, and screwing the world for the politician. Ignorance is the new black.

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