His son (Thutmose III) stood in his place as king of the Two Lands.

He rules upon the throne of his progenitor,

while his sister, the god`s wife, Hatshepsut, is carrying out the affairs of the land.

The Two lands are under her plans,

one works for her, as Egypt bows the head.

She is the beneficent seed of god, who has come forth from him,

the prow-rope of the South, the mooring post of the Southerners,

the excellent stern-rope of the Delta.

lady of commands, excellent of plans,

who satisfies the two shores with her words…………………………..

She is my daughter, Khenemetamun Hatshepsut — live! —

I have appointed her in my place, so that she is upon my throne.

Indeed, it is she who will sit upon the magnificent dais,

she shall command the people from every place of the palace.

She shall lead you, and you shall proclaim her word,

you shall be united at her command.

He who shall praise her shall live,

he who shall speak evil in slander of her majesty shall die.

As for everybody who shall proclaim complete the name of her majesty,

he shall enter immediately into the king`s chamber,

as it was done in the name of my majesty (…….)

As for anybody who loves her in his heart and who praises her every day,

he shall boost, he shall flourish more than anything.

As for anybody who shall speak (evil) in the name of her majesty,

the god shall determine his death immediately

by the gods who are in charge of the protection behind her every day.

queen-cleopatra-egypt-HD-Wallpapers-for-Desktop-BackgroundsBorn in the 15th century B.C. Hatshepsut, was the daughter of Thutmose I and Aahmes. She was married to her half-brother, Thutmose (later, Thutmose II), who was the product of an obscure concubine of her father. Hatshepsut bore him two daughters — and was a bit of a poor tool if truth was told — but no son and heir; so, the new pharaoh was garnered from an obscure concubine – or harim woman of no importance in the court pecking order. The one snag was that the new man at the top was a six year old boy. Hapshepsut wasn`t the kind of woman to pass gently into the shadows as the grieving, self effacing widow; she had bigger plans for herself than that. Pharaoh was the title she preferred for herself, and she moved swiftly and ruthlessly to acquire what she considered her rightful place at the top of the pile. The little Thutmose III was put on the back-burner as his step-mother neatly side stepped the problem of being an unheard of female ruler, by dressing as a man in public ceremonials, and continued to be referred to as Pharaoh because ancient Egypt did not have a word for Queen. That she is rather less well known than Cleopatra VII is not much of a mystery: at this point, yet again, Shakespeare comes riding into the picture with his glorious portrayal of the last ruler of Egypt. If he had known of the infinitely more powerful, and far more  formidable Hatshepsut, perhaps he may have propelled her name into the popularity spotlight, known by tens of millions. But, sadly, her greatness has been obscured by the attempt to eradicate her name from the pages of the future by those that came after her.
hatshepsutIt`s still a moot point why – and by whom – this was done. Perhaps Thutmose III was angry with his step-mother for denying him his rightful position as pharaoh for so many years. This is an argument which at times is difficult to support, when Hatshepsut very carefully gave him his due beside herself on public monuments and proclamations; he was not left out in the cold, but given command of the army to fight in her (and his) name and shared inheritance. But Hatshepsut was the Queen Bee; the first genuine She Wolf in history. A woman not averse to taking risks, disposing of inconvenient problems, ruthlessly and without compunction take what she wanted. Power: the power to make men tremble at her word and presence. The strength of character to bend alpha males to her will and do what ever she commanded. Inscriptions say this was out of love for her, and willingness to sacrifice their lives for their great leader because of adoration and loyalty to pharaoh. She was pharaoh; a woman who ruled as a man in a man`s world. Surrounded by testosterone fuelled male aggression, she needed to be strong willed, astute, cunning, intellectually agile, and also to use sex to manipulate and cajole the men around her. Cleopatra only had her sex to use in her defence, Hatshepsut controlled armies, extended her empire beyond it`s traditional borders, defeated enemies on the battlefield, and made Egypt a treasure house of plundered riches and luxurious opulence for those who supported her cause. What wasn`t there to like? No one rocked the boat while this formidable force of nature lived. Her name should be emblazoned across school text books for children to look and learn of the greatness and wonder of her name. She was the alpha wolf who ruled her ravenous and hungry pack with a fearsome force of personality that ensured her will would be done. And none others. I give you all, Hatshepsut…………The Queen of Heaven on Earth. 


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