Mary Magdalene taking the Gospil to Antioch


The Gospel of Jesus`s Wife (A Fragment)

1: “…..not (to) me. My mother gave me life…..”

2: The disciples said to Jesus,”…..

3: …deny. Mary is (?) worthy of it…..

4: …..” Jesus said to them, “My wife…..

5: …..she is able to be my disciple…..

6: . Let wicked people swell up…..

7: . As for me, I am with her in order to…..

8: ……………………an image…….”

The existence of the above fragmentary document was made known in 2012 and was immediately denounced by the Vatican as a ” clumsy forgery”, but forensic analysis seems to show it is as a genuine, authentic text rather than a forgery. The obvious question is does it show that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, or not? I guess it depends ultimately on your own standpoint on the issue, because it is an eternally vexing one for Christians as to whether Jesus cohabited with Mary as man and wife. I think it would have been wonderful if Jesus and Mary were an item, rather than the one dimensional characterless cyphers, scrubbed clean by religious officialdom after the Church had been proclaimed the state religion of the Roman Empire and needed to show a spotless, whiter than white reputation to it`s new sponsors – the imperial family. And so, since that time, the merest sniff of a vague suggestion that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were engaged in sexual activity with each other, was ruthlessly kicked into the long grass. I have written before, of how it is necessary for Mary to be led back out into the light and reappraised as an extraordinary woman who stood at the right hand of Jesus as not just perhaps, the most important disciple, but also as his lover. For far too long, the vital role of women in history has been placed on the back burner and left to simmer quietly unseen; Mary Magdalene is a splendid example to remind men that it takes two to tango.

Karen L. King Hollis, Professor of Divinity At Harvard

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