Rubaiyat 10:

“Candle`s story how can I tell?

Of the broken heart`s living hell?

My sorrow is in how I can find

Another who knows these sorrows well.”

~~Shams al-Din Hafiz ~~

Sufi poetry is the conduit along which flows the experience of the soul as it bumps and grinds it`s way through life like a well worn pebble on the rocky river bed.

Hafiz was probably born around 1317-1326 under the Christian calendar, in the central Iranian city of Isfahan, but little is known of his life other than he was the son of a coal merchant, was quite well educated, and (as his name indicates) memorized the Qur`an at a very early age.

He is considered the incomparable master of the Persian poetic form called ghazal, which, like the English sonnet, has been widely used since the early middle ages.

Simplicity and Truth are a virtue, and the poetry of this great artist of the human spirit expresses them in abundance.


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