“My Lord,

Herewith I send you a coffin made of part of L`Orient`s Main mast, that when you are tired of this Life, you may be buried in one of your own Trophies – but may that period be far distant, is the sincere wish of your obedient and much obliged servant,

Ben Hallowell.”

Horatio_Nelson,_Viscount_Nelson_by_Sir_William_Beechey2006AW2693_jpg_dsIn 1798, a naval fleet under the command of Horatio Nelson, hunted down and defeated a French force off the coast of Egypt.Captain Benjamin Hallowell, who helped in the destruction of the French flagship L`Orient, sent Nelson a singular, and macabre gift…

Nelson kept the memento on the off-chance he might need it`s services. In 1805, Nelson was mortally wounded at Trafalgar, and was buried in it.

“I cannot command winds and weather.”

Despite the adulation heaped upon him by an adoring British public, Nelson knew he was only mortal, and no doubt the unusual gift from Captain Hallowell tickled his fancy.


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