I Know That He Exists by Emily Dickinson.

I know that He exists.

Somewhere–in Silence–

He has hid his rare life

From our gross eyes.

`Tis an instant`s play-

`Tis a fond Ambush-

Just to make Bliss

Earn her own surprise!

But-should the play

Prove piercing earnest-

Should the glee-glaze-

In Death`s-stiff-stare-

Would not the fun

Look too expensive!

Would not the jest-

Have crawled too far!

You know what you`re getting from an Emily Dickinson poem her critics say: love, religion, nature, death and eternity; but are these not the eternal themes around which everyone`s lives revolve? She provides us with an amazing array of thematic combinations upon which are hung a kaleidoscopic verbal picture board of poetic voices, which range from the almost toe curling cute, to the seriousness of volcanic emotion and waspish comment.

I Know That He Exists describes a survivor`s eye view of an emotional shipwreck: from light, we are plunged into the darkness of despair from which there seems no escape from Death; the mind becomes blank, without vision or perception under the stare of impending Fate. She survives, and is perhaps, a little sceptical that her fears existed at all. 

Emily is the Queen of unconventional metaphor; splendid and awesome in it`s endless variety, it always makes her a joy to read.


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