Commonplace, 1943:

Their engines beating an even rhythm

(Men look up from their work at the sound),

Wing-tip to wing-tip they fly in formation-

Thirty-six spitfires outward bound.

       Slim and yet sturdy, like well-bred terriers,

       Each independent yet part of the whole,

       Fierce but dispassionate, steady yet eager,

Thirty-six spits on offensive patrol.

Over the coast-line see them returning,

Skimming like wild-fowl close to the ground.

Men glance upwards to watch them flying-

Thirty-five spits homeward bound.

~~ Rosemary Anne Sisson ~~

Rosemary Anne Sisson served in the Royal Observer Corps during WW2, and so knew full well the heroics involved on all sides in the struggle to attain air supremacy over the skies of England. After the war, she began to write plays, scripts and novels which include The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Elizabeth R, The Shadow of the Tower, Wind in the Willows, Murder She Wrote, Upstairs Downstairs and numerous other original works and adaptions for stage, screen and television. She is one of England`s finest national treasures and a consummate wordsmith.


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