Heaven Or Hell?

A Miner stood at the Golden Gate his head bowed low,

He meekly asked the man of fate the way that he should go.

“What have you done” St Peter said “To gain admission here?”

“I merely mined for coal” he said, “for many a year.”

St Peter opened wide the gate and softly tolled the bell,

“Come and choose your harp” he said, “you`ve had your share of hell.”

~~ Anon ~~

Mining for a living has to be one of the toughest jobs on earth: this simple poem, quietly telling us the lay of the weave of a miner`s life as one of unremitting hell, so that we may live a warm and comfortable life has no need for fancy, embroidered prose; it stands as it`s own monument to the granite hard men who have lived and died in hell, so that we may call the blessed haven of our homes a kind of heaven.


3 thoughts on “HEAVEN OR HELL?

  1. Do u have the picture of the coal miner smoking in a larger size? I love the picture and want to print it and frame it for my wall?


    1. Hi there Brian,
      I actually Googled “miner smoking a cigarette” believe it or not!
      As of yesterday, it was still up there for public consumption.
      Go get it!


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