Compulsively Allergic To The Truth:

~~ Jeffrey McDaniel ~~

I`m sorry I was late.

I was pulled over by a cop

for driving blindfolded

With a raspberry-scented candle

flickering in my mouth.

I`m sorry I was late

I was on my way

when I felt a plot

thickening in my arm.

I have a fear of heights.

Luckily the Earth

is on the second floor

of the universe.

I am not the egg man.

I am the owl

who just witnessed

another tree fall over

in the forest of your life.

I am your father

shaking his head

at the thought of you.

I am his words dissolving

in your mind like footprints

in a rainstorm.

I am a long-legged martini.

I am feeding olives

to the bull inside you.

I am decorating your labyrinth

tacking up snapshots

of all the people

who`ve gotten lost

in your corridors.

To turn the mundane action of a man drowning his lungs with carcinogenic cigarette smoke ` a raspberry – scented candle flickering in the mouth` into a thing of descriptive beauty, takes some doing.


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