tumblr_lr2ntkibY21r2hzh6o1_500“Est autem fides credere quod nondum vides; cuius fidei merces est videre quod credis.”

” Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”

~~ St Augustine ~~

Don`t expect me as a Quaker to clearly define what Faith and Belief is; the Quaker idea of the Inner Light is the very epicentre of my life. In every human soul there is a small part of that which is God`s spirit; in the words of John 1:9, ” The true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.”

For this reason alone Quakers do not separate religious life and secular life; all life should be “lived in the spirit”.45bb766087fd24602ee1df1242e6c727


The presence of God is not revealed to me through sacraments, ceremonial, or preaching from the pulpit in a large purpose built building; but through the lives of others ( including Jesus), the beauties of nature, family, friends, the arts, science and sundry other things. So in a way, I see what I believe in every day all around me; that is my reward for my Quaker faith. God is in everyone and everything. One of the wonderful values of being a part of the Society of Friends is that it allows everyone to develop a personal definition of God. God can be a very specific concrete figure, or a rather hazy vague presence, but which gives us all a recognition of existence, to think, to set moral standards of right and wrong, and an acceptance of the responsibility to follow that which is right. 6350814_orig


Ultimately it`s all in the eye of the beholder, because all have been given free will to follow their own path through life. Perhaps it requires just a smidgen more of imagination for Faith rather than needing everything laid out by the logical, and unyielding rulebook of science. Then again, absolute belief in science is perhaps in itself just another religion dressed up in different clothes. faith-in-god


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