I wanted one life

You wanted another

We couldn`t have our cake

So we ate each other

~~ Roger McGough ~~RM Paul Gregg 174KB


Roger McGough was born in Litherland, Lancashire, just to the north of the city he is most associated with, Liverpool; which resides in it`s own spatial dimension, just outside – or inside – of dear Old Blighty ( otherwise known in another time and space as England). After leaving the University of Hull in the early sixties, at a time when Philip Larkin was the librarian there, he formed a beat combo called The Scaffold with Mike McGear, who also moonlighted as Paul McCartney`s brother, with whom he wrote the lyrics to their first hit, “Lilly the Pink”, as well as numerous others. He is one of Britain`s most whimsical and critically successful poets, indulging in a nice line in self deprecation and cultural irony. Cake is a good example of a style which conveys everything that needs to be said in the space of four lines, where other more loquacious poets, tend to disappear up their own back orifices, without realizing they have gone way beyond the invisible line of saying too much. Simplicity is not just a virtue, but an art form. 6780002608_c369ebfe70_o


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