seek_truth_by_beautifullyevilTruth Be Told

Is your truth the only truth

That we must obey

That lacks grey

Is absolute like the number one

Is black as night

White as flight

Won`t you listen to my truth

It`s pliant as the dancer`s legs

Is grey as the winter sky

Confused as infinity

Open to suggestion

Come feel my truth

~~ Sara Rahai  ~~


To a Quaker like myself, truth is an absolute; a fundamental part of me which cannot be ignored if I wish to remain the man I am. Of course, for most people, there are different kinds of truth: there is the truth as you see it, the truth as the guy next door sees it, and so on………Truth has a malleable quality to it, which shines from the prism of our thoughts like a multi faceted rainbow of definitions. Truth is all things to all men: a religious fundamentalist will swear black is white in order to justify his definition of the truth; his convincement is such, that there is no alternative. He will literally inflict pain and death on others to support his truth. My truth is in speaking it at all times, and thus, I live the truth; there is no forcing my philosophy of life upon the unwilling. Truth in the hands of a fundamentalist of any persuasion is the most dangerous, and destructive weapon imaginable: despots of all kinds throughout human history, have forced their truth upon unwilling others. Truth is the bitch of the manipulator, the power hungry, and of those who truly believe others must be forced into living the consequences of their truth, no matter the cost to freedom of thought, expression or movement. Truth is the great cameleon……Ain`t that the Truth.speak-truth-even-if-your-voice-shakes-1


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