Shane MacGowan once described Yeats as…….. “Yeats? That old fairy,” for writing this poem, and it has to be said, rather a lot of others in the same vein. I can`t see anything wrong in showing one`s emotions in a slightly more decorous and lyrical way, than the front man for the Pogues usually does with his song writing. This marvelous poem by Yeats is a constant inspiration that is always at hand: you may be poor in pecuniary terms, but you can be rich in the emotion of dreams; for dreams are the things which give impetus and purpose to life, and allow us to fight for them `till hell freezes over to make them come true. Dreams can also be shattered by all manner of falsehoods, unforeseen disaster and malevolent behaviour and intent, so Yeats asks for a little breathing space to be allowed, to – if not live the dream, at least savor it`s heady and seductive scent. If you like this poem, it may be because you can sympathize with the feeling of vulnerability running through it`s weave; if so, you`re none the worse for that.



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