4758859008_33e6977be6_nNo, no, no, no! Come, let`s away to prison.

We two alone will sing like birds i`th` cage.

When thou dost ask me blessing, I`ll kneel down

And ask of thee forgiveness. So we`ll live,

And pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh

At gilded butterflies, and hear poor rogues

Talk of court news; and we`ll talk with them too-

Who loses and who wins; who`s in, who`s out-

And take upon`s the mystery of things,

As if we were God`s spies and we`ll wear out,

In a wall`d prison, packs and sets of great ones

That ebb and flow by th` moon.Butterfly_Storm_Wallpaper_npspKing Lear ruefully ponders a life where his two daughters have betrayed his trust in order to take his fortune. His willful daughters have been captured in battle, and now Lear wonders how they will pass their time in prison, like “gilded butterflies” , listening to what is happening at court without care, precious objects of beauty to be admired for their visual splendour, but of little internal substance. The old king realizes that the golden mask of deceit is of no lasting value, only the true person within has real worth. Shakespeare also alludes to a false beauty; by covering a mask with gold only makes it more worthy and beautiful to behold, when, in reality, it is only an insubstantial illusion. A golden face is an arrogant, human presumption to enhance a woman`s physical perfection, when it merely obscures her natural beauty. It is a cover for what lies beneath; what is hidden from view is unreal, an artifice of reality. Lear is surrounded by the false gold of endless layers of lies and deceit………..Nothing, and no one are what they seem. The man is frankly fed up struggling against the tide of people`s relentless ambition, dazzled by the false gold of his throne.King Lear_LANDSCAPE

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