~~ Emily Bronte, 1848 ~~

It seems poignant that within months of writing about the pleasure, relevance and hope that dreams give her, Emily was to die of consumption. Those  images which were conjured up in the picture palace of her mind for future inspiration, were to end with endless sleep. We will never be sure whether Emily`s dreams are the dreams of sleep, or whether she was a dreamer of the day; though both are different, she ultimately placed her dreams onto the written page, and spread her dreamworld before us like an endless landscape of tempestuous storms; harsh, greedy, self destructive romanticism, and a gaze so deep and penetrating into the hidden, inner turmoil of the human soul, as to be like the keenest edged psychological rapier. It is sometimes said that, ” It is better to travel in hope than to arrive”, though in Emily`s case, the arrival of her own death stilled a mind full of hope and dreams for a journey which was cruelly cut short. Ultimately, her dreams may not have stayed with her forever, but they have drifted down through the minds of generations who love the power and beauty of the word written by a sublime, and unrivaled genius. Her words and dreams will certainly live with us forever.


3 thoughts on “LIVING THE DREAM

    1. Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre are always in the top ten books of all time. Ezra Pound once said, that literature is news that stays news: Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre are novels which contained ideas and issues which shocked it`s first readers, but have remained fresh and alive to each new generation, as they seem to reinvent themselves constantly; they possess strong willed women who fully intend to live their lives their own way. And Wuthering Heights, in particular, took a scatter gun to the male presumption of wearing the trousers in any relationship – there is a total lack of restraint exhibited by it`s women folk, and towards them, as Heathcliff takes his fists to his daughter-in-law. Likewise, Jane Eyre has every intention of being herself, on her own terms. These are modern women who always have something new to say. That`s why there have been so many film adaptions of these novels; although I have to say that the adaptions of Wuthering Heights has always been problematical. The book has a revolutionary and non linear structure which seems to defy the best directors. Don`t forget the third sister, Anne Bronte; her novel, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall in any other time and place would have been considered a great novel ( as it is), but Wuthering Heights is beyond greatness.


  1. You’ve won me over! Can’t wait to read them. Seems stupid that I’ve managed to avoid the Bronte sisters. I watched an interesting documentary on them a couple of days ago, and they certainly fascinated me. I was surprised to learn of Anne’s novel too, as her sisters seem to overshadow her. Will definitely put it on my classic reading list.


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