Emily Dickinson Poet
A word is dead

When it is said,

Some say.

I say it just

Begins to live 

That day.

~~ The Word by Emily Dickinson ~~


In the beginning was the Word: Words are not uttered in casual aside and then flutter away like vapid, lost souls on the breeze, they are permanent reminders of who and what we are; they stand like monoliths to ourselves as individuals and nations. A word is a powerhouse of intentions and character; it is not a dead thing to be discarded as soon as it has left the lips and allowed to whither and expire. They are not just words, but they carry the meaning and translation of thought; without words we would not be who we are. A word carries a keener edge than the sharpest blade, or the soft caress of a warming breeze upon a tender and yearning heart. As soon as it is uttered, it begins to live that day…………….3775-emily-dickinson


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