A Homage To God

This extraordinary 1300 year old book is heading back up to it`s home in north-east England, as the centrepiece of a much awaited exhibition in Durham starting in July 2013. 

It`s commonly regarded as one of the greatest achievements of British medieval art.

It`s ancestral home of Lindisfarne (Holy Island) was raided and sacked by the Norse Vikings in AD 793, from which date is commonly held to begin the Viking Age.

This amazing book was made by a single man called Eadfrithwho`s weapon was not the sword but the pen. He copied and decorated the Gospels on his own on top of his duties as Bishop of Lindisfarne. It`s thought to have taken him between five and ten years to complete his great devotional act of meditation.

In order to complete his masterwork, he invented the pencil and the light box along the way.

Eadfrith was able to manufacture a palette of around 90 colours using only six local minerals and vegetable extracts. He knew about lapis lazuli from the Himalayas but because he couldn`t get hold of it, he simply made his own.

This is medieval multi-media at it`s finest, and was made to last by a craftsman who was not only an artistic genius, but who did it without thought of personal gain…………It was all in homage to God.

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