Not Enough Hours In The Day

The Tres Riches Heures du duc de Berry (1409-16), was created in northern France during the 14th and 15th centuries. Held at the Musee Conde , Chantilly, it`s a superb pictorial record of the duke`s spectacular residences, with calendar pages illuminated by the Limbourg brothers, and completed by Jean Columbe in the 15th century. It`s a magnificent insight into the life, spirit  and culture of the Middle Ages.

Illuminated Book of Hours were a popular type of devotional prayer book, which included a text for each liturgical hour of the day, plus calendar, as well as prayers, psalms and masses for specific holy days. Painted on vellum, the Tres Riches Heures includes 416 pages, 131 of which have large miniatures, while many others are copiously decorated with border illustrations and large historiated initials

The wonderous quality of the workmanship is comparable, as an exceptional piece of  fine art in miniature, to larger works of artistic genius such as the Mona Lisa, and marks the high water mark of Courtly International Gothic. 

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