The Luttrell Psalter

In medieval times, the squire of Irnham, Sir Geoffrey Luttrell (1276-1345) , commissioned an illuminated Psalter as a devotional book, and also as a visual record of his life and that of the ordinary people working on his estates. The Luttrell Psalter is one of the greatest treasures held in the British Library.

Many of the detailed illuminations of daily life are to be found bas-de-page (or bottom of the page), and are of people working, playing, and in some cases, plain misbehaving; all of which offer an amazing insight into the rural life of medieval England.

It`s difficult for modern people to wrap their heads around the concept of living in a world where everything was hand made. The Luttrell Psalter and it`s like, would have taken a countless number of man-hours to complete by a single hand. The modern obsession with time, just did not equate to the medieval mind, which operated to the natural clock of Mother Nature, and how fast a human hand could create any given object.

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