Stop The Clocks I Want To Get Off

It`s impossible to know what goes through a writer`s mind when they compose such an obviously personal piece of work as W.H. Auden`s “Funeral Blues.” Everything we read is susceptible to personal interpretation depending on where we are emotionally at any given time; the permutations are endless. “Funeral Blues” has the air of a melancholic lamentation for a lost loved one: it contains several motifs; love, death, order and disorder; as the poem runs it`s course, it tries to come to terms and grapple with the concept of love and it`s elusive meaning.

Of course, Auden may simply be mourning the death of a relationship rather than the literal death of someone he loved; or it may mean something entirely different. Who knows, that`s the enigma which makes great poetry so beguiling; the place, the time, how you feel, even the weather can alter and transform words that are seemingly set in stone on the page, but which in reality change like a chamelion before our eyes.

Whatever interpretation you may care to place upon this wonderful poem of the heart, it`s clear that Auden loved it`s subject dearly, and wished to show how deeply his soul had been crushed by absence.

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